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SOMA ELECTRONIC COMPANY Has been established in 2010 with the aim of producing and resolving the needs to energy storage system, optimizing the consumption of energy and using from new energy.

Researching has been begun about energy storage system and its Usage.With the attention to necessity of routine life, difficulties of outage power and specification of electric consumer, designing of energy storage system has been begun, which is based on the newest knowledge and technology.

Using  modern knowledge and producing devices, which has low losses power and high efficiency, is caused  consumers on for more time, so there is less disturbance in routine life.

Digital Touch Screen weight Scale's are new production from soma electronic that have spacial specification.

We hope, with the producing of high quality production, being provided consumers satisfaction, so it can be the way for designing and producing new products.



       SOMA UPS are emergency power, which is suitable for:


  •     Lighting system like CLFS and LED
  •     Electric Door opener (video and audio)
  •     CCTV Systems
  •     Equipments of computers
  •     Automatic doors
  •     Electric Gas Boiler
  •     Electric shutters
  •     Barrier
  •     And other machines, which are sensitive to oscillation and outage power


STR101-P Digital Scale With LED TFT and Touch Screen 

SLK32-P Digital Scale With LED TFT  






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